The goal of all learning and activities at Terra Summer is to reinforce and deepen the children’s knowledge and understanding of material that they are exposed to through their regular schooling as well as to expose them to new concepts and material that will contribute to their intellectual growth.

Terra Summer explores history of people and societies (through the history of food, cooking, and agriculture); geography (through an in-depth look at exploration and trade of food); economics (through study of food trade and the food industry); geometry and math (through design of the children’s vegetable garden plots, cooking, and management of a produce stand); earth sciences and plant biology (through farming and composting); physics and chemistry (through the experience of cooking). We will also write, journal, and work on portfolio projects and presentations; do art projects related to food; talk about foreign cultures and mores; and explore the ethics of food and its production and consumption.

Particularly through farming and cooking, the Terra program helps children develop critical thinking skills; the ability to plan ahead, follow directions, and understand cause and effect; and the pride of taking charge of one’s product to the end.

Terra Summer empowers, builds knowledge, and heightens awareness of our world.

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