Our Mission

The mission of Terra Summer is to give children a glimpse into the story behind what we eat; to introduce them to the beauty and magic of food as well as the urgent and fundamental economic, environmental, social, and political issues related to the world of food and its production.

In the process of exploring the history of food and its relation to humanity, the work and understanding of farming, and the art, knowledge and processes of cooking, we deepen strands of traditional academic disciplines such as plant science, chemistry, history, geography, economics, math, health and behavioral science through an interdisciplinary intellectual approach.

Terra Summer strives to help youth develop into whole, connected, and aware beings who are well educated; who can think creatively and critically; who are cognizant of their ability to impact the world; who are curious and rigorous; who are compassionate toward others, the environment and other beings; who can take responsibility and action to shape the world; who are able to ponder, lead, and effect change in small and great ways.

Terra Summer believes that all activities should foster care, compassion, respect, and a sense of global awareness and responsibility.

Terra Summer empowers, builds knowledge, and heightens awareness of our world.

© Terra Summer 2009-2011

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