The Kitchen

A central part of Terra Summer is our kitchen lab. This state-of-the-art facility is our main classroom. Here, guided and supervised by an expert chef, students learn to prep the food and cook our daily lunch, which we share together as a family. Guided by our humanities teacher, we use our SMART Boardâ„¢ to research and then discuss matters related to what we eat; and guided by our science teacher, we explore the magical world of food science. The daily menus at Terra are inspiration for lessons in history, geography, and world cultures.

Food at Terra Summer is delicious, varied, simple, fresh, free of preservatives as much as possible, free of unhealthy ingredients, and locally sourced as much as possible. Most summer produce will come from the bounty of our organic farm, grown by us. We strive to help children understand what is good for them – which can also be delicious!

Our kitchen is vegetarian: Our goal is to teach students about good environmental policy, sustainability, and compassionate living for all beings.

Children should come having eaten breakfast (though snacks for the hungry are available!). Terra Summer provides a full lunch and a snack in the afternoon.

Terra Summer empowers, builds knowledge, and heightens awareness of our world.

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