The Terra Project

The mission of the Terra Project is to develop a network of Terra educational programs based on the Terra model of learning and thinking through food. The network will encompass summer programs such as Terra Summer in Mills River; afterschool programs; and, we hope, ultimately, a full middle school whose model can be replicated.

A Terra Summer program can be a powerful addition to any middle-school, traditional or untraditional. It can be a way to enrich a progressive school’s offerings; strengthen a school’s environmental focus; add new life to a menu of aging summer programs; introduce a non-traditional model of teaching and learning; bolster a school’s competitive edge with a unique but proven summer experience; and attract a new audience and community. Meanwhile, it offers children an opportunity to continue learning during the summer, thus keeping them from falling behind; to be exposed to an out-of-the-box way of thinking; and to be involved in something constructive, soulful, and fun!

The Terra model can be replicated in different settings and tailored to suit different facilities, schedules, economies, and student populations. The details of each program will depend on the host school’s goals, its student population, its kitchen facilities, and whether the school wishes to launch a residential summer camp or a day camp. Always, however, the curriculum will be academically-based and interdisciplinary; will include farming and cooking; and will have a strong grounding in current environmental, economic, and social justice issues related to food. The goal is the same: To help children learn through the connection of ideas and realities related to food.

Please contact us if you are interested in developing a Terra Summer program in your community, please contact Sybil Fix at 828-782-7842 or

Terra Summer empowers, builds knowledge, and heightens awareness of our world.

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